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Hi, I am a Constructional Supervisor (Foreman) recently returned from several years working and living in Southern Ireland. I became Homeless and have been Homeless 3 times within the past 10 years from losing a business a home and family. I am searching to work in voluntary work overseas where i can excersise my skills within construction and be of use to others who have nothing or very little. I have Excellent Business acumen and constructional skills. I would very much like to hear from members who maybe can provide me with information or a placing. Kindest Regards , Bernard Costello . E mail- Phone 07955375511.
Written by Bernard Costello     Date: 11 05 2010

hello i help run a small uk based auction site and we are offering any charities who wish to join and sell items totally free listings and a free store to list as much as you like this will be available to all charities no matter how big or small all we require is when joining please place your charity number on all listings so buyers can check and also use your charity name as your id , you will not pay anything at all no fees so all monies made go to your charities i will contact this site management before putting the url onto this forum as we do not wish to break any rules thank you dave
Written by David Hazel     Date: 17 10 2009

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